Welcome to our world. Where art meets fashion, fashion meets lifestyle. Bollicine is a high end luxury concept store located in the heart of the scenic chora of Mykonos. Since its launch in 2017 it has established itself as one of the premier shopping destinations of the island. Bollicine is home to unique brands as well as new generation designers that utilize its contemporary setting and dynamic social media presence to fully unveil their dynamic aesthetics.


Expertly curated, the boutique features a diverse collection of powerful fashion items blended with unique art pieces. The elegance of timeless classics meets the hottest current trends in a space dedicated to style.


In a simple, open plan space with high ceilings and a minimal design, our intriguing collection meets the needs of any type of fashionista that has a flair for high aesthetics.
Bollicine introduces a new kind of shopping concept, one that focuses on beauty and embraces it in every form.
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Bollicine will keep you up to date with the latest brand additions, collections, sales and special offers.

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